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Building a House

There are a couple of rules and regulations, when is decided to build a house.

How long does the application for a building permit take in Curacao?

At the Urban Planning (ROP), used to be called DROV, you can apply for a building permit, before the start of the construcion. ROP is located at Plasa Horacio Hoyer number 19, at Salina. This process takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

How long is this license valid?

With the permit, the construction can be carried out immediately (plot related). Upon completion of the construction, the permit expires.

What are the fees due?

This depends on the construction value of the object to be built. For a value of ANG. 150.000,- one pays ANG. 1.130,- in fees. When the value is ANG. 500.000, - the fees will be ANG. 3.930,-. Roughly speaking, this amounts to about 0.7 % -0.8 % of the construction value.

Information about building regulations

After purchasing a plot and designing of the object to build, a building permit must be submitted to the Urban Planning (ROP). This could take about 6 to 8 weeks. After collecting an approved permit, this gives you the right to at once carry out the necessary construction. This permit is valid and plot related until the completion of construction. The license is transferable to another person.

When the property in the completion phase and is standing on a public road with a street name, a house number may be applied. Then, the address can be registered with the Civil Registry and can supply utilities can be requested.

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