Your valuation at Century 21 #1 Real Estate

Century 21 provides valuations for the purchase and sale of houses, mortgage applications, fire or storm damage, inheritance fees regarding a death or divorce, lawsuits and notaries. At Century 21, commercials, resorts or lots are also subjects to taxation.

Different valuations

Shortened valuation report: A shortened valuation is less complex and shorter than an extended valuation report. It is a written statement based on the value of a property. The report indicates the market value, execution value and rebuilding value.

Extended valuation report: The extended valuation report is a written statement based on the value of a property. The report indicates in addition to the market value, liquidation value and rebuild value also important features of the object, the environmental factors, consulted sources and a photo report.

When do you need an appraisal report?

A valuation report is therefore a written substantiation of the valuation, but when do you need an appraisal report? In a valuation, just like in an appraisal report, the value of your real estate. A valuation can therefore be used in most cases. With insured items, however, you need an appraisal report and a valuation is therefore not sufficient. Through the many years of experience, our appraisers know exactly what you need to determine the value of your property.

Working method

The moment you decide to let Century 21 execute the valuation, one of our valuators will make an appointment for an inquiry at the location of the object to be valuated. In this inquiry, all matters of importance are investigated by the valuator. Take into consideration the state of maintenance, size, location, nature and the layout of the property. Furthermore, some research is carried out outdoors. This is included in the report. In this aspect, views and facilities are important.

During the inquiry, the valuator has a conversation with the client. This includes issues such as use, third party law and soil pollution.

Required information: For the valuation report, the valuator will need some information that is in your possession. Think of: o Map o Proof of ownership o Measurement letter

After the inquiry, the valuator will organize all the data gathered and compare it with data of Kadaster. Missing data will be supplemented by data of Kadaster. Thereafter, the valuator can compose a draft of the report. At Century 21, your valuation report will be completed within two business days.

Our Valuators

Our team of valuators consists of two experienced valuators; Carolien Kramer and Stef Nas.

With many years of experience, both valuators have a lot of knowledge about the island and the real estate market on Curacao. Carolien and Stef have done thousands of taxations for individuals, banks, (insurance) companies, notaries and the government. Our valuators are independent and make customers their first priority.


Shortened valuation report: The rates for a shortened valuation report are 0,1% of the highest valued value, with a minimum of ANG 450, - including 6% OB.

Extended valuation report: The rates for an extended valuation report are 0,2% of the highest valued value, with a minimum of ANG 450, - including 6% OB.