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About Century 21 Curaçao

About Century 21, who we are

Century 21 is an international franchise that operates in Curaçao since November 2008. Since its establishment, we have gradually grown and expanded. With the ever increasing positive feedback and satisfied customers, our team of experienced brokers will continue to push the boundaries of service and professionalism.

Our Century 21 office is located in a central location, situated at the Cas Coraweg 69 in Curaçao. We drive thousands of miles a year, have a website that is up-to-date and we invest heavily in internet marketing. We invest a lot of time and money into customer relationship and into our services. The goal of this is to have pleasant real estate mediation for our esteemed clientele. Because we work with a small team, we are able to provide personal service to you. A good personal contact with Century 21 Curaçao comes always first. Like no other, we know the market, the people and their needs.

In the office there are brokers who speaks the following languages; Dutch, English, Spanish, German and Papiamento. This ensures that we are able to communicate and do business with many different cultures and people from all over the world. Through our professional approach and excellent customer service, we remain one of the top brokers in Curaçao that is always ready to serve its customers.

What we will do for you

If you are thinking about selling or buying a property in Curacao or have interest in renting a property in Curacao, then you may encounter unacceptable bids and failure of viewing appointments. All of these can cause unnecessary irritations and cost you a lot of your precious time. However with Century 21, we take care of everything. We discuss the asking price with all its conditions and lay it down in a mediation contract. You do not need to negotiate with potential buyers , tenants , traders or investors, do not advertise your property yourself and you do not need to be available at times that are inconvenient for you. Our experience has shown that many homeowners, for various reasons would like to sell or rent out their property but dislike the response that they receive from various sales sites.

In our Century 21 office, potential buyers can walk in without any obligation to view your property within our business hours. In addition, remember that more than 95 % of people begin their search for a home or office on the Internet. Potential buyers or tenants will always find Century 21 directly at the first page when typing any combination of keywords in Google such as real estate, residential, commercial, buy and rent in Curacao etc.

The advantage here is that we only get people in our office who are seriously interested in real estate in Curacao. In addition, we have the resources, experience and knowledge in order to promote a rental / sales quickly and without unnecessary risk.

No Cure – No Pay

If your property is not sold after the minimum period of conciliation, and you decide to stop the co-operation with us, you owe us no fee. Time, effort and commission fees or advertising costs that we have made in the mediation period are not charged when there has been no sale or rent of your property!

Of course, we strive to sell your real estate or rent your property as soon as possible.

Should a prospective buyer, which in our view, makes a realistic bid on your property then we always contact you. You are ultimately the one who decides whether you agree with this bid. We will offer you advice and we will then provide a correct and risk-free settlement regarding payment and transfer.

What we ask of you

To be able to give you the best possible service, we depend on the information you provide us. That’s why we ask you for your specific needs and wishes. Questions such as what kind of property you are looking for, what your budget will be, what requirements it must meet, what is your minimum selling price for the house, and where in Curacao would you prefer to live are the ones you should ask yourself before the process begins. Furthermore, your answers will give us a clear understanding. On our site you can find lots of useful tips and information found about several neighborhoods in Curacao and assistance in final settlements.

When selling a property, it is important that you read through carefully of all the information we send you, regarding the sale or rental of your real estate. These are the required items and documents you must provide us or digitally send. This also concerns the agreement between you as the seller / owner and us as the broker. However, optimally protecting your interests, it is important to have all the elements. This prevents any unnecessary risks of the sales process, and this is only possible if the required documents are submitted. Prior to the mediation process. We can then ensure proper settlement regarding payment and name. Of course all the information you provide us with will be dealt witch in a confidential matter.

The faster this process occurs, the sooner your property will be on our site, the smoother and faster the mediation process works and your real estate wish can be fulfilled.

Our information

We take the utmost care that the information and documents that you receive from us are in order. However, please always check your contracts and the publications on the website to see if they have been prepared in accordance with your wishes and the information you provided is all correct. If you have questions or comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

If you wish to make a complaint

At Century 21, the customer is always central. Within the company we try to improve our self’s every day by improving small errors in the current process, the organization of our company and our mediation processes to make it a better every day.

We represent your interests in the field of real estate as well as possible. But we can make mistakes. Perhaps you feel we have not treated you correctly and then please do not hesitate to contact us so we can resolve this issue as soon and as efficiently as possible.

Stef Nas

Managing Director