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“About Curacao”


Curaçao has a modern International Airport featuring the longest runway in the Caribbean (3.410 meters) and is served by a number of airlines with daily non-stop air services from the U.S.A., the Netherlands and Venezuela.

The island has the largest natural deepwater port in the region, superior telecommunications, and a state-of-the-art container transshipment terminal. There is a mega pier for cruise ships and plans for a second mega pier in the near future. Century 21 can support you with buying a permanent house or long term stay rentals on Curaçao.


Curaçao has been a major cultural and trading crossroad for centuries. The Dutch merchants, who colonized the island, built the capital Willemstad. They designed the tall, narrow houses and warehouses with their curlicue gables to remind them of their homes in Amsterdam. Willemstad features a unique blend of Dutch architecture with a definite local tropical influence. In 1997, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided to put the inner city and harbor of Willemstad on the World Heritage List.

There are a lot of opportunities regarding real estate in Curaçao. Also recognized as characteristic for the culture on Curaçao are the colored houses. There are several historical buildings, which we offer. Properties that we offer from our portfolio are: houses for sale, houses for rent, apartments for sale, apartments for rent, commercial buildings for sale, commercial buildings for rent and lots for sale.


The local currency of Curaçao is the Antilles Florin (ANG) or as it is often referred to: the Guilder. 1 Florin/Guilder is pegged to 1.78 US Dollar. US Dollars, as well as the Euro and major credit cards, are widely accepted throughout the island.


The economy of this beautiful island is flourishing and the tourist market is growing rapidly. While many of the established hotels are expanding, several international hotel chains are now also located on the island, such as the 5-star Santa Barbara Beach&Golf Resort and Renaissance Resort & Casino.


Curaçao is a volcanic island and much of the vegetation consists of species that are adapted to the dry landscape: cacti, succulents and drought-adapted trees. At the southern and western coast of the island, sunbathers will find 38 beautiful beaches, from large strands to secluded coves and intimate bays that dot the coastline like pearls. Divers and snorkelers will discover a heaven in Curaçaos Underwater Park; a 12-mile reef with coral beds, walls and shallow wrecks that will awe and delight its explorers. Water sports such as fishing, windsurfing and water-skiing are also major island activities. And for the golfer, the 18-hole scenic Blue Bay championship golf course is slated to be amongst the world’s top 50 golf courses.

If you’re looking for a house on one of the great resorts on Curaçao, Century 21 Real Estate Curaçao can help you on your journey to find a nice apartment or house. Century 21 has a large portfolio, which contains beautiful properties on these Curaçao resorts. Instead of buying an existing home Century 21 also offers pieces of vacant land all over Curaçao where you can establish the property of your dreams.


As a self-governing island, Curaçao is an overseas territory of the Netherlands, with its own currency. Since 10-10-2010 Curaçao has a separate status, a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Regardless of the political changes Curaçao will preserve the island’s protection of foreign ownership and ensures safety.


What is needed to immigrate to Curacao?

For a final departure from the Netherlands and establishment in Curaçao there are a number of steps required. First, you must write to the municipality of the Dutch town of your old residence and let them register your move. It is important that you receive a certificate of de-registration. This request must be submitted on the day or up to 5 days before departure.

Some institutions, organizations or employers will want your certificate of good conduct. With this application, you can still apply for departure in the Netherlands. Please note that a certificate of good conduct has only a 3 month validity.

When you have the Dutch nationality, but are not born in the Antilles you are required to have a Declaration of Right. This must be requested at the Immigration office, located in Punda, Willemstad. The application process should at least put your permanent settlement in Curaçao in motion. If the application is approved you can pick your Declaration.

Depending on your personal situation there may be a number of important issues that need to be arranged. It is generally true that the official authorities in the Netherlands are aware of your departure to Curaçao. This may include the following agencies: the tax office, your pension plan, health insurance, converting diplomas and degrees, regulate banking, any pets, transportation and inventory current Subscriptions.

For non-Dutch citizens, some additional aspects in immigration to Curaçao will come forward. If you do not have the Dutch nationality, there are both work and residence permits necessary in order to work in Curaçao. A number of countries also require a visa for a stay in Curaçao, these are the following:

  • All African countries
  • Asian countries (except Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea)
  • Middle East (other than Israel)
  • South America (Peru and Colombia only)
  • Caribbean (only Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti)

What are the requirements for pensioners scheme?/

To benefit from the scheme pensionado you have to meet certain conditions. You must live in Curaçao, you may not have lived in Curaçao last five years, you must be at least 50 years of age, you must buy within 1.5 years after immigration to Curaçao a house for a minimum of ANG. 450.000,- and you can’t work in the Netherlands. BRK protection prevents double tax in both the Netherlands and Curaçao.

Tax benefits:

  • IB is 10% instead of 52% max. in the Netherlands
  • Reduction in the Dutch capital return charge (box 3)
  • Donation and inheritance tax rate is 6% instead of 27% in the Netherlands
  • If the pensioner next to his immigration also has the effective management and takes this company to Curaçao there are possibilities of savings for the corporation.


Because of Curacaos’ southerly presence in the Caribbean, it is situated outside the hurricane belt; a thought worth thinking of when considering foreign real estate ownership. What makes Curaçao the perfect place for relocation or investors?

  • Sunny Island located well outside the hurricane belt. Average annual temperature of about 27.5C and constant refreshing northeasterly winds.
  • Great location with 38 beautiful white beaches of crystal clear water, many restaurants with international cuisines and many beautifully restored monumental buildings.
  • Willemstad, the capital and the harbor of Curaçao, since 1996 on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
  • Stable government and democracy as being part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.
  • ‘Open Arms policy’, Superior Telecommunications and modern facilities. Modern International Airport featuring the longest runway in the Caribbean and number of airlines with daily non-stop air services from the U.S.A., South America and Europe.
  • Largest natural deepwater port in the region, mega pier(s) for cruise ships and a state-of-the-art container transshipment terminal.
  • Constant economic growth; establishment of 5* Hotel Chains and Resorts and second Mega pier in near feature.
  • Low tax rates and attractive real estate prices.
  • No restrictions on ownership of private property by non-residents in Curaçao.
  • Stable currency; 1 Florin/Guilder is pegged to 1.78 US Dollar.

Whether you want to settle yourself permanently or temporarily on the island of Curaçao, Century 21 can help you to find the right property. In regards to housing there are houses for sale, houses for rent, apartments for sale and apartments for rent. Or if you want to build the property of your dreams there are plenty of lots for sale on Curaçao.


The island of Curaçao is located in the heart of the southern Caribbean, just 12 degrees north of the Equator. It is one of the five islands that reside under the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Curaçao is the largest of the Leeward Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao). The island is 37 miles long and just over 8 miles wide. It is 2.5 hours by air from Miami to Curaçao. The capital Willemstad is the business centre of Curaçao. The historic centre of the city consists of two quarters: Punda and Otrobanda.

Other than the city centre, Curaçao consists of a lot of beautiful neighborhoods. Throughout these neighborhoods on Curaçao a lot of properties are for sale or for rent. If you want to build your dream home on the island of Curaçao there are several beautiful located lots.


The population, over 150.000, is a melting pot of many cultures and nationalities. The inhabitants are multilingual. The official language is Dutch. However, English and Spanish are widely spoken as well as the local language, Papiamentu, with its blend of European languages with Arawak Indian and African influences.

Century 21 is very well known amongst national and international inhabitants of Curaçao, as well by the foreigners. All are looking for a trusted feeling to buy or rent a home on Curaçao.

By providing the best service and high quality Century 21 will fulfill your dreams. Century 21 has the knowledge of the local situations and requirements of living on a Caribbean island like Curaçao. This is possible because our crew is a mix of locals and internationals.


The tourism industry has been thriving throughout the years and the government and Tourist Board continually markets Curaçao all over the world. And with result: the many unique charms of Curaçao are well known world-wide.

Curaçao is much more than just a beautiful island with amazing beaches. Curaçao has a rich culture with unique colonial architecture, history, art, cuisine and sports. It’s an island where everyone can experience a way of life, which is different from any other place in the world.

The majority of the luxurious hotels and resort on Curaçao are within a 15-minute drive from the airport. Most visitors will begin their journey in the picturesque heart of Curaçao: the main capitol Willemstad. Located right at the Ocean, with shopping streets and restaurants, the centre district of Punda and Otrobanda offers plenty to do and see.

With almost 40 beaches, spread amongst the south side of the island, every day brings a new adventure. Diving is amongst Curacaos’ most popular activities, as Curaçao has one of the best diving reefs in the world. Almost all the beach resorts and hotels have various onsite diving facilities.

Dutch and, since the 1st of January 2015, US citizens are allowed to stay for a maximum of consecutive period of six months within a timeframe of one year as tourists on Curaçao. They don’t have to apply for a permit and are not allowed to work on the island. If they wish to work within the period of six months or decide they want to stay longer than six months they will have to apply for a declaration of right. The process to apply for this is described in more detail in the part “Immigration”.

The Century 21 #1 Real Estate office is very centrally located at Cas Coraweg 69, in the neighborhood Van Engelen. If you are looking for a home on Curaçao we are here to assist you. With a wide knowledge of the real estate business on Curaçao, our sales agents will guide you through the process of buying or renting a property on Curaçao.


The climate is warm and sunny all year around. The average annual temperature is 27.5 C/ 85 degrees Fahrenheit. September is the hottest month and most rainfall occurs in a rainy season lasting from October to February and is marked by short, occasional showers in the morning. January is generally the coolest month.

If you are looking to buy a home on Curaçao right at the oceanfront to feel the refreshing breeze going through your home, or you want to be in the middle of Willemstad by renting a house, or even if you want to live in the tranquility of the nature: Century 21 is here to guide you. Our offer of homes on Curaçao is widely varied.