Vacation Homes & Villas

Holiday house

A holiday house is meant to stay to spend vacations. It is not intended for permanent residence. An apartment consists of at least one living room, kitchen, bedroom, wet room with a toilet and shower and a terrace.

What is timeshare?

When purchasing a timeshare you are actually not buying property, but a right. It is buying a residence option / right in a property for a certain part of the year. A calendar year is divided into 52 weeks or 12 months and may be enrolled for any period you are interested in. When a period is purchased, the timeshare may be used during the same period every year. This form of ownership is also located on movable property, for example, a sailing yacht. On Curaçao, timeshare is relatively rare, there is only recently a legal basis for time sharing, and no unambiguous definition. Also this form has many legal and fiscal snags. The general idea is that buying a home or apartment or to participate in a rental pool leads to minimum levies. This is mainly due to continued obligatory payment of tourist tax for time sharing, regardless of use.

How does a rental pool work?

A rental pool contains a certain number of apartments of different owners for a number of months per year for tourists to rent as holiday accommodations. These are furnished apartments with a semi - residential destination. The owner may, for example reside in the apartment for two months per year, the remaining 10 months; it can be rented out to tourists by tourism companies and supervised by an administrator. Such a construction is recorded in a 'rental pool agreement', and can’t simply be terminated without paying a fine.

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