Renting a Home

What are the requirements for renting a home in Curacao?

The supply of rental apartments on Curacao is very diverse. Because a complete multiple listing site for rental housing does not exists you will find the most offerings from the agencies on the island. Renting in Curacao is similar to the Dutch process. The tenant usually pays one month deposit and the first month’s rent. The landlord will pay the commission.

Is renting for less than 6 months possible?

There are few possibilities to rent a house or apartment for less then 6 months, besides the vacation resorts. In some cases there are possibilities to rent for less then 6 months but the landlord will often ask a higher monthly rent for short term renting.

What rules exist in a resort?

A residential resort, Villa Park or gated community is what the rules on best be compared to a Homeowners Association (fee). Each resort has a package of terms concerning matters such as pets , advertisements, putting objects on the outside of the housing , service , pool own rules , resort fee, etc. These rules may vary by resort, including the resort fee can vary greatly depending on the facilities at the resort.

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