Buying Land

A Lot

A lot is a defined piece of land which is registered at the Land Registry. The documents describe how the lot is defined, which is often through iron pipes or large stones. The percentage on which you can build and other building restrictions are included in the zoning. Sometimes there are lots for sale in conjunction with a home design and a granted planning permission.

What is the difference between buying a lot and buying a house ?

The process in terms of buying a lot are very similar as to buying a home. The difference is that when buying a home the ground already has its destination. In a lot of the destination is fixed but the house can be realized within the requirements of its own design. It is important to investigate whether the wishes of the purchaser may be realized on the relevant lot.

What types of areas/lots can be found in Curacao?

The most common types are the property and leasehold land. When the land is fully owned the name will be registered in the Land Registry. A property on this type of land is often more expensive than leasehold land. This type is leased by the government for 60 years, because of this long period it has virtually no direct impact on the quality of living. There is a third type of terrain, namely rental of land. Rent Land is leased from the government and provides the least security. Rental ground may not be sold without the consent of the Minister and a building, unless there is a right to build on established through Accession property of the landowner, this is usually the country Curacao. However, rental ground can be converted to leasehold land, though this is a time consuming process.

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